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Divine Herbals add a little spice from India to your life with the best Divine Herbals.

Divine Herbals is best known for its masala and spices, and we are not just a brand; we are the trust of thousands of our customers who believe in our brand, Divine Herbals. Divine Herbals takes pride in bringing the highest quality spices and masalas to their customers, especially food lovers who want to enhance their food’s taste and add the freshest and highest quality spices. Over ten years of quality and consistency in our products and services, we have developed and grown our brand and added more flavours so that you can enhance your taste in different varieties of spices.

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Our Story

Divine Herbals’ best Indian masala manufacturing Company’s mission is to source the most delicate spices and herbs directly from growers, process and blend them with optimal quality & food safety standards.

Divine Herbals won the trust of customers with their wide range of Indian spices, including Laung, Choti elaichi, AJwain, Kali Mirch, Garam Masala, Pudina Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Panch Puran, Saboot Dana, Badi elaichi, Javitri, Star Anise, Jai Fal, Long Powder, Goond, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chinoea, Rayi, Amla Powder, Shikha Khai. This best Indian Kanpur-based Divine Company spices and masalas are all you need to get in your secret recipes, as Divine Herbals is the finest organic spice manufacturer.

There are so many Indian spices companies, but Divine is the leading brand of spices in India. Spices and masalas are the lifelines of any dish, as a pinch more of one spice or masala can change the taste of the dish and food, so we always take care to balance the flavours and authenticity of our masalas, so they make your food tasty. Divine Herbals is not only well-known in Indian markets or Indian lahsun mandi, but it is also the best online spice store from Amazon to Flipkart, offering whole spices at the best prices.

What We Do

We have been producing cannabinoids for many years, and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products.

100% Natural

We have been producing cannabinoids for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products. 

Easy to order

All our products are certified and have a quality guarantee. You can get acquainted with the certificates by writing to us.

Fast shipping

We are working only with the best delivery services. You can be sure our products will be delivered safe and sound.

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Our Happy Customers

Namrita Menon

I just love experimenting with various food items. And with your spices, the taste of the food automatically gets enhanced. I truly recommend divine herbal species to everyone.


I just missed the taste and aroma of my Grandma's cuisine. They tasted amazing, but ever since I moved to Bangalore, I am not able to get the same taste. One day I came across Divine Herbals, and I ordered spices from here. Today when I prepared a meal and added the spices. Oh MY GOD!! My kitchen was filled with the same aroma as my Grandma's food. Thank you so many divine herbals.

Geeta Devi

It's the Perfect Divine Herbals Spices, so keep up the good work! We use it with roasted potatoes, vegetables, curries, chickens, biryanis, and anything else we cook! Nothing compares to it! Fantastic!!!

Neha Khanna

Thank you for letting me taste the flavour of such great food. I am amazed to know that I can prepare such a great meal. It is all because of your masalas.

Kiran Rao

Your spices are really of tremendous quality. It really provides an authentic taste to our meals. Whether it is Garam Masala or Pudina Powder, or Garlic powder, we have tasted all and enjoyed them all. Thank you for the best spices and masala I have ever tasted.

Geeta Sharma

I recently came across Divine Herbals spices, and I must say that the freshness and divine taste it adds to any food is divine, as the name suggests. I truly recommend Divine Herbals spices and masala to everyone.

Pooja Shinde

Your products are truly amazing. I have tasted many of your products and compared them with other brands, and your spices are unique and excellent.

Shilpa Gautam

We are your regular customer and truly love each of your products. Your spices' fragrance and aroma are not seen in any other brand. I am truly in love with your products.

Riya Jaiswal

Whatever I prepare, everyone says WOW!!! It's just because of your spices. All the Garam Masalas I have been buying from Divine Herbals and all my curries taste fabulous.

Harpreet Singh

I have been using your spices for three years now, and I am amazed by every spice of yours. The flavour, the aroma, the freshness, and the price are all fantastic and competitive.

Sheela Devi

Since your spices are unique and original, I'm buying them because I can't find them anywhere else. I still can't believe I came across this website; lucky me!

Riya Jaiswal

I was about to cook Chicken curry in 4 days for the huge dinner party at my place, and I was lagging with the spices. I cannot go out to buy it for some reason, so I ordered from divine herbals. It was my first-time attempt at this website. I am so amazed that not only did they deliver every product safely and sound on time, but my dinner tasted amazing. Everyone appreciated my chicken curry and biryani. Thank you so much.

Surya khan

All I wanted to say is great taste with a fantastic aroma. Nothing has helped me to cook better. Thank you so much. You are just a 5-star brand.

Kalyani Hegde

I am happy with every product I bought from divine herbals. Red Chilly powder was my last order with you. However, I am pleased with how it got delivered to me in a short time. I also appreciate you saving me money, and the spices are excellent.

Niyat Alma

Absolutely loved your masala. It is truly authentic and aromatic. It was my first attempt, and you passed. Thinking of ordering for the next time also. Great job!!