Quinoa Seeds: Divine Herbals Quinoa Seeds are the best and have natural freshness, aroma, and original nutrients. In comparison to most plant foods, quinoa has a higher protein and amino acid content. It can help with weight loss because it is high in fiber and keeps you full for a long time. Binge eating can be curbed, which can help with weight management. it can help you lose weight and keep away from high-calorie junk food because of its low-calorie content. Quinoa seeds from Divine Herbals are packaged freshly and are preservative-free.


Saunf maheen  : commonly known as fennel seeds. The quality and aroma of Divine Herbals’ saunf maheen are naturally fresh and have trully original nutrient. They contain multiple nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin E, manganese, copper, zinc, and phosphorus and are a good source of Vitamin C. These tasty premium tiny seeds have a ton of powerful nutrients that keep the human body healthy. Fennel seeds have traditionally been used in Indian cuisines. Fennel plants are green and white, with feathery leaves and yellow flowers. Both the crunchy bulb and the seeds of the fennel plant have a mild, They have a sweet, powerful flavor that’s similar to licorice.  


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